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Our Story

"After the Rain Teaze is a tea and natural product company that was originally started by Yasir Khalid in 1992. Since that time the company has made many evolutions including a name change. The company was originally named Medina Naturale. Although the name has changed due to refocusing and venturing into a new product line, we still pride ourselves on making available high-quality products that are purpose-driven.

 Today, our focus is primarily on premium quality teas and tea accessories. The one single thing that prompted the move towards entering the tea business was the lack of access to high-quality teas in certain demographics. We believe that quality teas should be made available to everyone at an affordable price.



In researching the history of tea, I was made aware that at one time in history only the aristocrats and the elite class were able to gain access to any type of tea legally. This was primarily because the extremely high cost of tea and the belief that only the Petty Bourgeoisie should be privy to a beverage of such distinction. Today, many people are becoming more health conscious than ever before, and many people are recognizing the many benefits of tea. There’s a quote that says, “Before tea became a beverage, it was a medicine." 




After The Rain Teaze provides a wide variety of teas: white tea, green tea, black tea, oolong tea, Pu'er tea, and many blended teas.

 Tea is a main agricultural product in many countries in the world, tea is the number two consumed product in the world second only to water. We are happy to have recently worked out a deal where we are now providing Kenyan Purple Tea. Kenya produces the only purple tea in the world and it’s the leading tea in terms of antioxidants."

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